Is Now Offering Branded Content Marketing

  You know your business better than anyone. Act like a journalist and tell your unique story about what makes your company so special. Provide your copy, images and video to us and we will proof it and publish it on branded content benefits include: Google search results Reaching locals and visitors […]

Why Boulder’s a Recycling Leader

Boulder is a green leader and environmental champion. It was even named a Climate Action Champion by the White House in 2016. Living Earth-friendly is a way of life in Boulder. For example, there’s a special program just to help local businesses reduce waste; you can find compost bins all along the Pearl Street Mall; […]

Only in Boulder: A Psychedelic Trip Via Strobe Lights and a Vibrating Bed

You’d better sit down for this one. No, actually, lie down. That’s how a session at IReVibe starts. And where it goes from there is tough to explain. There’s one thing for certain, though: You’ve never gone here before. Imagine a way you could explore untouched corners of your consciousness and self-awareness in a psychedelic […]

The 9 Coolest Airbnbs in Boulder

1. A home built into the mountain This is so Boulder that it’s built into a boulder. This home is constructed on a cliff atop Mount Sanitas with ridiculous, panoramic canyon views. The home actually has a rock outcrop carved into the interior, so there are rock features from outside incorporated inside. Imagine a massive […]

The Best Places to do ‘Snowga’ (Yoga in the Snow) in Boulder


Boulder is multi-talented. But a couple things the city is really good at? Orchestrating epic snowstorms and striking yoga poses. Combine the two and you’ve got “snowga”— which is a trend that’s taking social media by (snow)storm. Boulder gets nearly 90 inches of snow each year, with the most powder coming down in February and March, […]